Your Partner for Growth on the Internet



Providing first class solutions.

We are Axis, and we are focused on improving the effectiveness of your online presence
through our consultation, customer attraction, analysis and
home page production services.
With our data-driven approach, we're ready to provide you with first-class solutions and first class results.



Axis is your one stop for comprehensive web consultation, from production and customer attraction, to analysis, improvement and testing.
We understand that every business is different, and will custom fit our consulting to match your business' goals.

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More than looks.

We provide total support, from competitor analysis and site design, updating and management.

Our in-house online customer attraction specialists will use a data driven approach to build you the perfect website.

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Attracting the right

Are online listings the right way for your business to find customers? Who are the "right" customers for your product or service?

At Axis, we start the conversation there in order to build your business' optimal online strategy.

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A Fundamental Approach

With our "Dual-Axis" methodology, we'll break down your website to the bare essentials

How is your online performance now? What needs to change? Axis checks every possible vector to improve your outcomes on the internet.

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Here are some of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of serving.


We’ve had the opportunity to help improve a number of our clients’ websites through access analysis,
PDCA implementation and home-page production, among our other services. Click below to find out how. (Japanese Only)

A three times increase year on year in inquiries and an overall increase in inquiries from target demographics.

Shirohato Inc.
Corporate Site

After Renovation, Access Doubled and Inquiries Increased

Sanpo Inc., Corporate Site

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About us

We are internet technology experts dedicated to improving
your business online.
We strive to constantly develop our knowledge and techniques,
working as a partner to help grow your business.

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Axis has had the pleasure of appearing in the following major publications and media outlets.


We are proud to present some of the books written by or in association with our COO.

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プロが教える実践テクニック Yahoo!アクセス解析マスターガイド


We regularly host seminars on improving business outcomes on the internet.
(Japanese Only)

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