With your goals in mind, we assess your site’s current condition and identify how to improve it.

Access analysis is more than seeing who is coming to your website,
where they are coming from, and when.
That data is freely available to anyone who cares to gather it.

The real objective of access analysis is to take this data,
use it to construct hypotheses on how your site is working,
and to develop plans on this basis.

Breaking your site down with our “Dual Axis” approach

Just looking at the raw data produced from access analysis leaves several unknowns.
Thus, we apply our “Dual Axis Philosophy” to understand the good, the bad,
and the overall trends of your website.

1) Discovering Trends with the Time Axis

Looking at any given day or month’s numbers doesn’t tell us what is working and what isn’t. By looking at the overall picture, we can determine if certain trends are moving up or down and develop policies based on that understanding.

2) Understanding Changes with the Benchmark Axis

By adding a consistent benchmark axis, we can determine if year on year changes are simply the results of time or if they represent special trends.

3) Creating Hypotheses About Changes Using Segmentation

Just looking at the change in a value doesn’t tell us anything about why it changed.
User segmentation lets us develop hypotheses to try and explain why and develop plans for overall improvement.

Is it right to declare that things are simply “Good” or “Bad”?

Some of the most common questions we hear from our clients are
“Is this a good bounce rate?” or “Are too few people accessing my site?”

However, without a set of criteria, there’s no right way to evaluate the data and answer these questions.
Using our “Dual Axis Philosophy,” we eliminate ambiguities and evaluate data
using a logical framework to fully grasp the circumstances surrounding your website.


Here are some of the analytics tools we utilize at Axis.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, we can determine who came to your site and for how long, where they’re from, and what they did during their visit.


Search Engine Optimization allows us to analyze what keywords are attracting customers and where your site appears in search rankings, which lets us to improve your site’s findability.

SEO Tools

We use tools to analyze what keywords are attracting customers and where your site is ranked in search results to make suggestions about content production.

EFO Measures

Entry Form Optimization is important for improving customer engagement with online forms. By determining how long filling out forms on your site takes and where users make the most mistakes, we can streamline the process to improve response rates as well as user experience.

We are proud to present some of the books written by or in association with our COO.

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Axis is your one stop for comprehensive web consultation, from production and customer attraction, to analysis, improvement and testing.
We understand that every business is different and will custom fit our consulting to match your business' goals.

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More than looks.

We provide total support, from competitor analysis and site design, updating and management.

Our in-house online customer attraction specialists will use a data driven approach to build you the perfect website.

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Attracting the right

Are online listings the right way for your business to find customers? Who are the "right" customers for your product or service?

At Axis, we start the conversation there in order to build your business' optimal online strategy.

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Breaking your site down
to the fundamentals

With our "Dual-Axis" methodology, we'll break down your website to the bare essentials

How is your online performance now? What needs to change? Axis checks every possible vector to improve your outcomes on the internet.

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