Optimize your online sales.

Production, customer attraction, analysis, redesign, problem solving; made-to-order, one stop web consultation.
We tailor our consulting to fit your business strategy and work together with you to achieve your goals

Are you attracting the right customers with your website?
What are they doing when they arrive? Are there bottlenecks on your site?
With a data-driven approach, we’ll develop a plan to improve your website from the ground up.

Comprehensive Consultation

At Axis we have design, advertising and consulting professionals all under the same roof, so we can help you every step of the way, from production and customer attraction to analysis.

Custom Made

Your needs are unique to your situation. After we meet with you and listen to those needs, we’ll work together to tackle whatever challenges your site may be facing.

A Custom Team Built for You

Once a project has begun, we form a team with oriented around that project. They will not only meet with you, but will handle any problems that arise from day to day and keep in constant communication regarding their activities.

Our Consultants are Ad Managers and Seminar Lecturers

Our consultants also manage your ad campaigns, allowing for a comprehensive approach to analysis and strategic development. And each of our consultants take to the podium at our regularly held internal seminars, developing their skills both as consultants and presenters.


We create a plan based on your specific requirements.
We start by listening to your needs, assessing your situation, then developing a strategy that fits your unique conditions.

Establishing Goals・KPI

We determine what goals have been achieved in order to evaluate strategic performance.

Custom Analysis・Access Analysis

We determine the gap between your current situation and your goals.

Improving Customer Attraction

Using platforms such as Google Search and SNS, we’ll make sure your site attracts more of the right customers.

Competitor Analysis

The internet as a medium allows for easy comparison. We’ll survey how your competitors approach their business so we can highlight your strengths.

CRM Improvement

We provide features such as email newsletters to maximize customer acquisition and engagement.

UI・UA Improvement

With a focus on improving conversion and user satisfaction, we will enhance the usability of your site.

SEO Measures

To improve your site’s ranking on search engines, we’ll improve your site’s contents and structure.

Content Enhancement

To enhance conversion rates and SEO, we will help you develop articles and pages designed to improve your site’s contents.







Human Resources




Car Parts


Axis works with companies in a wide variety of industries.
We use this experience and the results we have earned as the basis for our ad campaign management style.

We’ve earned the support of our clients because we don’t simply use online advertising to attract customers,
but because we optimize the web’s power in service of our clients’ needs.

Doing business on the internet means more than just having a web site.

Simply existing on the internet is not enough.
Properly using platforms such as SNS to improve your site’s visibility on search engines (or SEO)
and looking at the larger community and business contexts surrounding your website is essential.

At Axis, we utilize a comprehensive approach to develop an internet strategy that will maximize your business’ results.

At Axis, we don’t work just to improve our clients’ results,
we also work to train the people in your company to understand and use our methods.


Using Google Analytics, we teach people the techniques necessary to identify problems, propose solutions, and manage websites with the PDCA method.


Managing online listings is not a job that can be done in one’s spare moments. We provide training not only in management and configuration, but also on how to create strategic proposals.



Axis is your one stop for comprehensive web consultation, from production and customer attraction, to analysis, improvement and testing.
We understand that every business is different and will custom fit our consulting to match your business' goals.

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More than looks.

We provide total support, from competitor analysis and site design, updating and management.

Our in-house online customer attraction specialists will use a data driven approach to build you the perfect website.

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Attracting the right

Are online listings the right way for your business to find customers? Who are the "right" customers for your product or service?

At Axis, we start the conversation there in order to build your business' optimal online strategy.

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Breaking your site down
to the fundamentals

With our "Dual-Axis" methodology, we'll break down your website to the bare essentials

How is your online performance now? What needs to change? Axis checks every possible vector to improve your outcomes on the internet.

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