Comprehensive support, from competitive analysis to site creation, redesign, and management.

At Axis, our customer attraction and internet technology experts are ready to build you the perfect website.

It goes without saying that your website is a major part of your business, and
with competition at an all time high, web design is more important now than ever.
However, even an incredible design is meaningless without real results.
At Axis, we focus on building websites that improve sales.
To this end, we provide total support, from competitive analysis, to redesign and site management.
With in-house experts in web design, internet technology and customer attraction, Axis uses a data-driven
approach to build the optimal
website for your business.

Comprehensive Website Production

We start by listening to your needs and stay with you all the way to release and beyond. You can rely on Axis to follow through with post release support and management. At Axis we do it all, from concept and design, to coding and systems development.

Reliable Post-Release Support

A website doesn’t end with its publication. It needs daily observation and optimization until it produces results.
Axis is ready to support you post-release with website optimization, maintenance, and server management services.

Find Your Customers

With more business than ever launching on the internet, a website needs more than looks. It must produce results.
Axis has in-house professionals to improve customer attraction. We will design a website oriented around increasing profits that reflects this expertise.


Face to Face discussion

Market・Competitive Analysis

Content Proposal

Design Proposal

Coding, production

CMS Design


When we build a website at Axis, we start by listening to your message.
Then, we analyze market conditions and design the right branding and content plan to transmit that message.
From there, we handle everything from system development to post-release support.


We’ve had the opportunity to help improve a number of our clients’ websites through access analysis,
PDCA implementation and home-page production, among our other services.

A three times increase year on year in inquiries,As well as an overall increase in inquiries from target demographics.

Shirohato Inc.
Corporate Site

After Renovation, Access Doubled and Inquiries Increased

Sanpo Inc., Corporate Site

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At Axis, to connect users from all around,
we create strategies based on customer needs and online activity,
then build websites around this understanding.
Axis strives not only to design easy to use websites that produce results,
but to constantly search and develop better methods.


Access and market analysis to identify and understand problems and opportunities.


Strategic content proposal that takes your website’s objective, target audience, current conditions and needs into account.

Brand Production

After analysis we produce a plan for branding, then create a website with a consistent theme and purpose.


After we decide on a plan together with you, we design your website with usability in mind.


Based on how the concept is branded, we produce stylistically consistent graphics and illustrations.


We turn your concept into reality, coding your website for maximum legibility and usability.

CMS Installation・System Development

With consideration for the post-release layout and design, we introduce the most appropriate Content Management System for your site.


We provide comprehensive post-release support, be it changing banners, adding content, or managing servers.


After release we help you manage your site through custom documentation and explanation from our designers.

Printing・Support Materials

We also design materials outside of the web, including pamphlets, business cards and flyers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our customer attraction professionals perform SEO to improve your website’s position in search engine results. After release, we research user trends and access behavior to make regular proposals on improvement and optimization.



Axis is your one stop for comprehensive web consultation, from production and customer attraction, to analysis, improvement and testing.
We understand that every business is different and will custom fit our consulting to match your business' goals.

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More than looks.

We provide total support, from competitor analysis and site design, updating and management.

Our in-house online customer attraction specialists will use a data driven approach to build you the perfect website.

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Attracting the right

Are online listings the right way for your business to find customers? Who are the "right" customers for your product or service?

At Axis, we start the conversation there in order to build your business' optimal online strategy.

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Breaking your site down
to the fundamentals

With our "Dual-Axis" methodology, we'll break down your website to the bare essentials

How is your online performance now? What needs to change? Axis checks every possible vector to improve your outcomes on the internet.

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