キャッチ アクシス採用インタビュー

Walter Hareウォルター・ヘア



Born 1987, Independence, Missouri, USA.
Attended University of Missouri, Columbia, where he majored in International Studies with a focus in Japanese. After graduating cum laude in 2010, spent a year in Tokushima, Japan as a Fulbright Fellow. Returned to the US to obtain his Master’s in Japanese Literature at Washington University in St. Louis. Continued to the PhD program in the same before studying at the Stanford administered Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies in Yokohama, Japan in 2017. Joined Axis as a consultant in Summer 2018.


What do you do at Axis?

As a consultant I manage online ad campaigns and listing targeting.
I also manage all English-Japanese translation tasks, as well as design and institute the company English speaking course.

What brought you to Axis?

I was interested in working in Japan after being a graduate student in Japanese studies for many years, but I didn’t want to work at a typically structured mega corp. Axis appealed to me because of its progressive internal structure and focus on technology. Further, after meeting the people that would become my bosses, I knew that Axis would be a place where I could significantly grow my skillset.

What is one thing you like about your current job?

The atmosphere at Axis makes it a pleasant place to work.
It’s easy to approach others to ask for help.

In your own words, what kind of company is Axis?

Axis is a company that knows it does not know enough, and is constantly trying to expand its own knowledge base as well as that of its employees. The internet is constantly changing, and Axis will change alongside it.

Why were you a grad student for so long?

It took me many years of study and self reflection to realize that I wasn’t going to be a very good scholar. I have the curiosity and drive to research, but I struggled within purely abstract fields of research. Now, I’m hoping to satisfy my desire to learn new things while being in a more practically oriented field.

What are your goals for the future?

One of Axis’ major points is that it handles everything from web design to ad consulting and access analysis. I want to be someone who can handle ever facet of the business, and use that knowledge to grow internationally.